Early Years

Myers B Cather



Most of this part of my life was recorded by my mother and more recently in 2003 added to by my sister, Imogene Cather Cox. I have added a few memories of my own to this story.

I was born in Buffalo, Wyoming on March 20, 1917 to Howard B. Cather and Imogene Myers Cather. I weighed 9 pounds. I was born in what they called “The Old Yellow House,” which my parents rented furnished in Buffalo. My Grandmother Myers called me Buddy from the first because I looked so boyish. I was named Myers, because I looked so much like the Myers side of the family. Grandfather Myers gave me the middle name of Hershey, as that was his mother’s maiden name, but later I changed it to Bud. I have always gone by Bud. My sister, Imogene Regina, was one year and seven months old. My grandparents also lived in Buffalo, Wyoming. My maternal grandparents were: Allen Lincoln Myers and Luella Linn Myers. My paternal grandparents were Jay W. Cather and Geneva McKinney Cather. This is how they all came to be there.